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Frequently Asked Questions for Team Secretaries

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2Croissanwich Albion16102499393063650
3Fontaine of Knowledge16101594592322749
4Wycherley Wonderers16100695293715747
5Neymar I Love Yous1691698293250846
6Quizhny Novgorod16817951957-6741
7Crystal Memory Palace16439963989-261234
8No Hope Solos163112902963-61620
9Stephen Hawking's FB162113875977-102919
1ADI Tannadice1610061001974271151
2Lost on 5 Pt Pens161105101797938448
3Kane Salah Salah16916100095248947
5Yass QPR16538975980-51440
6Czech Hit the Post1690710009964339
7Ajax Down Trees167189751006-31939
8We Don't Know, Jeff16529964973-9832
9Midfield GK1650119591006-47727